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Snatch it before it goes Retail: Best crowdfunding platform for Fashion & Beauty

Featured Projects

The Milan collection

  • 20%FUNDED
  • 54 daysTO GO

Michael Adams show

  • 24%FUNDED
  • 27 daysTO GO

Ramp with local talent

  • 32%FUNDED
  • 42 daysTO GO

Fashion tech - The Android wearables

  • 43%FUNDED
  • $109345CONTRIBUTED
  • 33 daysTO GO

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Our Video

Our winners get to present at Gazillionfund's Fashion shows as well as at the below shows:

  • Showroom " cocktail san Francisco
  • Lusofashion Lisbon
  • Paris Fashion Week
  • Lusofashion Paris
  • Le Rendez Vous de la mode amenton
  • Time san Francisco


Ana DeLima

"Thank you Gazillionfund for making my dream come true by creating buzzes for me!"

Ana DeLima — Model
Karina LaMar

"Finally there's a site for models to raise funds while we're en route to stardom."

Karina LaMar — Model
Mariya Milovidova

"Thank you Gazillionfund for this platform so I can raise funds to achieve my goals!!!"

Mariya Milovidova — designer
Ellen O'Rourke

"Finally a way for photographers to monetize our projects!!!"

Ellen O'Rourke — Photographer
Jessica Jane Robinso

"It's so good that I can support my favorite models and sample designers' clothing at below market price.!!!"

Jessica Jane Robinso — Miss Alameda

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